Social Justice Poetry Festival

February 19, 2020 all-day
  • Birch Lane is holding the fourth annual Social Justice Poetry Festival on Wednesday, February 19, and your student or class has the opportunity to participate. 
    • The Poetry Festival is an oral language event for all students. Student performances will address issues related to social justice. Any poem or speech that addresses social justice and/or creating a world that is safe and equitable for all people will be accepted. We will honor the work of our great social justice leaders. It is in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and continues his tradition of excellence in oration. It also reminds us that he wanted to see all people living in harmony and treated equitably, and fairly.
    • Students may perform in the following areas:
      • Individual Poetry/Prose – an original or famous work is presented by one person.
      • Choral Speaking/Verse Choir– an original or famous work is presented by 2 or more students. This could be groups of students or a whole class.
    • The information sheet and entry forms are available from your child’s teacher, from coordinators (Ms. Deutsch and Ms. Shapiro), and in the office.
    • Entry forms are due Friday, January 10th.