PTA Meeting

December 7, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Birch Lane Library
1600 Birch Ln
Davis, CA 95618

Birch Lane General Membership Meeting Agenda

December 7, 2016

Birch Lane Elementary Library

Meeting called by Pippin Brehler

Board Pippin Brehler-President; Amy Hiss-Treasurer; Gracie Lopez-Secretary;

Members Stacy Clark-Auditor; Amy George-Parliamentarian; Annette De Bow-Historian;

Jim Knight-Principal

Time Item Members

7:00-7:05 I. Welcome, Introductions, and Gratitude Pippin

7:05-7:07 II. Review and Approve November Minutes Pippin

7:07-7:11 III. Principal’s Report Jim

A. Team to Assess MPR

7:11-7:26 IV. Teacher’s Report Teachers

7:26-7:31 V. President and Treasure’s Report Pippin, Amy H.

A. Tax Exemption Status and Tax


B. Budget Report

7:31-7:46 VI. Committee Chair’s Reports

A. Auction Pippin

– March 18, 2017

– Save the Date Added to Newsletter

– Promotional Posters Coming Soon

– Venue Location: Odd Fellows

– Need Volunteers! (Discounted tickets price for volunteers 2 hrs. or more)

– Website (coming soon)

– Auction Committees Wishlist-Monthly

B. Apparel Sharmila

– One Warm Coat Drive

C. Bingo Pippin, Amy H.

– No lead

– New Activity? Need Volunteer.

D. Volunteers Liz, Amy H.

1. End of Year Giving

2. Business Sponsorship and


3. Big Day of Giving-May 4, 2017

4. VP

E. Hospitality Elizabeth

– Conference Week Soups

– Cookie Exchange-December 23, 2016

F. Movie Night Amy H.

– Future September Date?

– Raffle Plan Submittal-May 2017

7:46-7:58 VII. New Business

A. Bylaws Amy G.

B. Color Run Amy H.

C. Traffic Concerns Pippin, Jim

D. PBIS Susie

7:58 VIII. Announcements Various

*Note-March PTA Meeting Changed

to the 8 th .

8:00 IX. Adjournment Pippin

Next Meeting:

Date, Time, Location: January 11, 2017, 7:00-8:00 pm, BLE Library

Recorded by: Gracie Lopez Date: December 7, 2017