Birch Lane Carnival – Donations Needed!

Hello Birch Lane Families,

The Cake Walk, one of the most popular games at the Birch Lane Carnival, is a true community effort thanks to the donation of prizes from our Birch Lane families. We need lots of donations of prizes, such as clean plush toys and homemade or store-bought cakes, cookies, and cupcakes for the kids to win. Please bring donations of stuffed animals to the MPR stage or bring them to Room 2 (Mrs. Keane) or Room 22 (Ms. George) at any time before Carnival day. This year the Carnival will be on Saturday, May 13th from 12:00-3:00.

For the cake/cookie donations, please drop them off in Room 11 (Ms. Yamasaki’s classroom, near the bike racks) after 11:00on the morning of the Carnival, or bring them with you when you arrive at any time that day. We will take anything you donate – we will have a supply of paper plates and plastic wrap and baggies so we can parcel out bigger donations (we usually put 4-5 things per plate). Some folks bring a box of fresh donuts or a dish of brownies, and some people go all out and bring Safeway and Nugget cakes and pies!! Loaves of quick bread, like pound cake, are great too. If necessary, baked goods can be brought to school the day before the Carnival but please make sure to give them to Mrs. Keane or Ms. George.

Thank you very much for making the Cake Walk such a success!