Vote for Proposition H

Birch Lane PTA Supports Measure H! Please vote November 8, 2016!


We have 13 days left before election day and it is important to keep reminding parents how vital Measure H is to our school programs. The Measure H campaign team would like you to send the message below to your parents as well as to post it on your PTA/PTO Facebook page.

Please also consider personally “liking” the Yes on Measure H, Yes for our Students FB page and share one or more of the many op ed and LTE posts on your own FB page.

Thank you!
Lori Duisenberg

Dear Davis schools supporter,

The Davis Schools Foundation board has enthusiastically endorsed Measure H, a continuation of the district’s current parcel tax funding, which amounts to $9.5 million or 11% of the district budget annually.

We believe that Measure H is critical to deliver on our foundation’s mission: “…to support a world-class education for every student, in every public school, in every Davis neighborhood.”

Measure H does this by providing the funding for 100 teaching and staff positions – including school librarians, counselors, music instructors and coaches – positions that will be lost without our continued support.

You can learn more about Measure H at .

Please join the DSF board and vote
Yes on Measure H!