Scarecrow Breakfast

Scarecrow (Not) Breakfast, because 2020.

But first, some history. For many years, every fall, Birch Lane Elementary has celebrated with a Scarecrow Breakfast.

With the help of teachers, staff, parents, friends, and many others, classes have built scarecrows, some out of natural materials found around the area, some out of craft supplies, and others out of of the recycling bin! (Just to name a few.)

They were placed on the quad to be bid on by the school community. Families and students would arrive early one brisk morning before school to sip hot coffee or tea, or refreshing juice or milk, and eat a breakfast of donated goodies and browse the scarecrow offerings.  The winners took home their scarecrows, to be placed in their yards, in homes, at work, anywhere they pleased! Many volunteers logged many, many hours to show school spirit. Here are a few examples:

Now. In order to keep the tradition alive for another year, our school will be offering a Scarecrow (Not) Breakfast, from afar! You can participate virtually or build your own scarecrow to drop off at school. There are no rules for the scarecrows. Please note, there will be no security for the displays throughout the weekend.

Sign up by Monday, October 26 through this Google form. All entries will receive a $5 gift certificate to Pink Dozen Donuts! 

Questions? Contact Erica Wright at (530) 220-0383 or