Fall 2020 Direct Donation Drive

Our annual PTA Direct Donation Drive is underway and this year it’s more important than ever!
The money we raise during the school year is what we have to work with the following year. We’ll be supporting (as much as the pandemic allows) our current year with money we were able to raise last year. If we return to any level of in-person school next year, we’ll want to be able to resume our regular financial support for community programs, classroom enrichment, art teachers, crossing guards, playground monitors, field trips, garden, and more!
This means that—despite the pandemic—we have to continue our fundraising efforts as much as possible. The pandemic limits our ability to hold our normal fundraising events, so this donation drive may be our biggest fundraiser of the year. 
A suggested amount of $100 per child will help us maintain our same level of support through next school year. Give more if you can! You can easily donate here through PayPal, or send a check to the office at 1600 Birch Lane, made out to “Birch Lane PTA.”
Thank you so much!