Orchard Installation

October 3, 2016 – October 7, 2016 all-day

BLE PTA, in partnership with our Garden Coordinator, Jenn Rogge, our Teachers, and the Common Vision Fruit Tree Tour will be planting a 19 tree orchard as an outdoor STEM extension. On Thursday 10/6, 180 students will be helping to plant trees and create artistic signs to label each variety with Common Vision. On Friday, another 180 students will be planting a row of table grapes and mulching along with parent volunteers. Classes will be invited throughout the year to use the Orchard for Project Based Learning. Our amazing Teacher Librarian, Lynne Sundstrom, has already started integrating the orchard into her curriculum by basing this week lessons on books related to fruit and trees.

Varieties – We plan to have fruit that ripens throughout the school year from late Summer through Spring. In addition to the trees listed below, we will also have a row of 14 Flame Seedless Grapes and 2 Passion Fruit.

1 Apricot – Autumn Glo
1 Pluot – Flavor King
1 Fig – Brown Turkey
1 Fig – Excel
1 Italian Plum
1 Pomegranate – Eversweet
1 Plum Emerald Beaut
1 Pomegranate – Parfianka
1 Apple – Arkansas Black
1 Apple – Pink Lady
2 Citrus – Owari Mandarin
2 Pineapple Guava
1 Citrus – Meyers Lemon
1 Citrus – Eureka Lemon
2 Loquat – McBeth
2 Orange – Trovita

To learn more about Common Vision visit http://www.commonvision.org

For any questions please contact the Orchard Care Team

Cindy Dolan

Christine Nourot