Birch Lane PTA September 2019 Meeting Minutes

Birch Lane PTA September 2019 Meeting Minutes

Birch Lane PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2019, 7:00 p.m. Birch Lane Library

Meeting called by President, Leslie Holeman-Umali

Board: Leslie Holeman-Umali- President; Laura Reaka-VP Membership; Theresa Costa-VP Fundraising, Cara Baker-Treasurer; Megan Curione-Secretary; Kyla Hibbard-Auditor; Amy George-Parliamentarian; Pandi Chorey- Historian; Eileen Keane-Teacher Representative; Jim Knight-Principal

Expected Time, Item, Members

7:00-7:05 I. Welcome, Introductions, and Gratitude, Leslie
7:05-7:10 II. Review and Approve June 2019 Minutes, Megan
7:10-7:15 III. Principal’s Report

  • Montessori teacher left 3 weeks before school started, opening in 2/3 rd Montessori class; retired teacher came back. Interviewing now; looking for right fit for school.
  • School is looking into implementing MTSS—Multi tiered support systems—framework to support children academically and social/emotionally
  • Back to School Night—9/18—6-8pm may change times, adults only
  • New Multipurpose Room (MPR) – blueprint for new building, situated on blacktop, meet architects next Tues at 7pm (will meet with Staff on Mon) we are just within budget, any leftover we can think about putting towards new MPR. Hoping to start construction in May, with goal of 2 years to completion

7:15-7:20 IV. President’s Report, Leslie

  • Thank you to all the board members for the past several weeks, including the teachers who helped with grants

7:20-7:25 V. Teacher’s Report, Teachers

  • Mrs. Keane—all teachers thanking PTA ( hospitality, picnic, etc). Ms. Shaker has a Kindness Challenge in her classroom.
  • Ms. Glovin—discussing changes in Montessori program ( 4,5,6 class).
  • Ms. Miller, Reading Room—universal assessments for reading (3-6 grades, assessments in new kids), new para. 9/16 push in reading groups. Cara- Book in the bag will start soon.
  • Ms. George—school is starting well.
  • Mrs. Keane—kinder is going well, looking for volunteers, bought new trike, will start Monarch Butterfly study. Ms. Carroll started expectation training.

7:25-7:40 VI. Treasurer’s Budget Report and approval of report, Cara

  • Mrs. Keane asked what we could do to increase fundraising. Cara—specifically we need auction help. Theresa will start monthly dinner fundraisers in October. Nugget Scrip card is easy to use. Box Tops has a
    new app, also Amazon Smile.
  • Leslie—discussing what we cut this year—we had to cut art teacher by 50%,
    front of the school monitors/supervision was cut, garden coordinator. Technology support was cut in half, challenger field trip support was cut in half. Knight discussed ways PTA helps the school. Cara discussed the two new additions to the budget (Bitcart, Library shirts for Picture Book Month).
  • Mrs. Keane moved to approve budget. Laura Reaka seconded motion.
  • 2019-2020 budget approved unanimously.

7:40-7:45 VII. Committee Chair’s Reports

  • Bravo music–Neal Hibbard—taking over BRAVO program at BL. Led by parents and guardians. Curriculum given to parents. Theme: beginnings. Six different composers and pieces of music. Trying to integrate newer composers 5 classrooms are covered. Training in October.
  • Movie Night (Fri. 10/11) Laura — Movie will be “Coco”
  • Recess Club –Melissa Dabel— staff will be in bright blue shirts that say “Recess Club”
  • Fun Run–Pandi –Epic Eagle Fun Run or walk, 11/2 at 10:00 Next meeting next Monday. Website will be live soon. Looking for sponsors and volunteers.

7:45-7:50 VIII. Old Business

  • Volunteers needed
  • Theresa moved to extend meeting to 8:10pm. Megan seconded it
  • Theresa made a volunteer Sign up genius – need transport coordinator –city sponsored program. City gives everything we need. PTA gives a little also.
  • Ms. Glovin—at other schools, split volunteer opportunities by grade level. Increased responsibility as grade level increases. Covers all the bases.
  • Leslie brought up question if one class isn’t providing volunteers you can still cover
  • Maybe teachers can reach out to parents specifically
  • Ms. Miller brought up maybe some of the fundraisers could go towards specific class trips
  • Mr. Knight is celebrating new farm—Polestar Farms
  • Mrs Keane made request for participation, encourage more support

7:50-7:55 IX. New Business

  • X. Open forum– Davis Parent University representative (Allison) discussed new speakers.

7:55-8:00 XI. Announcements

● Monday, Sept. 9         Recess Club begins
● Wednesday, Sept. 18        Back to School Night (K-6), 6-8 PM
● Thursday, September 26    Picture Day
● Wednesday, Oct. 2        PTA Meeting, 7-8 PM

8:14 XII. Adjournment

  • meeting adjourned—motion to adjourn Theresa, Richard second