Birch Lane PTA October 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Birch Lane PTA October 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Birch Lane PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2019, 7:00 p.m.  Birch Lane Library

Meeting called by President, Leslie Holeman-Umali

Board Members: Leslie Holeman-Umali- President; Laura Reaka-VP Membership; Theresa Costa-VP Fundraising, Cara Baker-Treasurer; Megan Curione-Secretary;  Kyla Hibbard-Auditor; Amy George-Parliamentarian; Pandi Chorey- Historian; Rusi Gustafson-Teacher Representative; Eileen Keane-Teacher Representative; Jim Knight-Principal

Expected Time, Item, Member

7:00-7:05 I. Welcome, Introductions, and Gratitude

  • Leslie welcomed with introductions and offered gratitude the Tobey’s for taking on the auction.
  • Mr. Knight was grateful to the crossing guards.
  • Ms. Glovin was grateful to the hospitality committee.


7:05-7:10 II. Review and Approve September 2019 Minutes

  • Laura Bennett motioned to approved the minutes with correction, Amy George motioned to second. Minutes approved


7:10-7:15 III. Principal’s Report

  • Mr. Knight stated that the new teacher for Montessori classroom will start later this year. Current teacher will stay through the report cards.
  • Regarding the new MPR – interviews are taking place for construction firm. Work will start in late spring. Construction will happen during school time. Birch Lane was awarded the PBIS Gold implementation award. PBIS has been implemented at Birch Lane for three years. The district is implementing PBIS district wide. Two groups of parents and teachers meet monthly to review data at our school on a whole and on an individual level. (90% of kids had one or less referral all last year at Birch Lane). 


7:15-7:20 IV. President’s Report

  • Leslie is pleased with our fundraising goals so far this year. Kona Ice is going well. We received a $368 check from Kona Ice for September. 


7:20-7:25 V. Teacher’s Report

  • Ms. Shaker was thankful to the PTA in general.
  • Mr. G stated that the year is starting well, including how the changes to the Montessori classrooms are going. Mr. G has had lots of fluctuation in his classes. Butterfly parade will be next week.
  • Ms. Glovin reported that the adjustment to the 4,5,6 Montessori classroom was going well.
  • Mr. Knight reported that the 6th graders are liking mentoring the 4th graders.
  • Amy G applied for a PTA grant (the 6th grade teachers will apply together).

7:25-7:30 VI. Treasurer’s Budget Report and approval of report

  • Cara—Explained budget layout briefly and discussed how direct donations are doing well. We gave first installment to district.
  • Amy George moved to approved budget, Cara Baker seconded motion. Treasurer Report approved.

7:30-7:35 VII.. Committee Chair’s Reports 

  • Auction—Mike and Fran Tobey stated that they have started the initial planning stages and will have their first auction meeting soon.
  • Fun Run—Pandi—In final stretch we have sponsors and donors. T-shirt deadline is Oct 14th other wise we can’t guarantee a shirt, will have Kona Ice and face painting.
  • Recess Club–Melissa—big success, 165 participants. Every 5k they earn a charm, if the whole school runs 1500 miles there will be a party at the end of the yaer. We will need to discuss  how to fund it for next year. 
  • Fundraising dinners—Theresa – Dos Coyotes on Oct 22nd South Davis (5-9pm). Chipotle Nov 12th – Tuesday.
  • Scarecrow Breakfast –Mary—looking for volunteers, Harvest Market (Jenn R will not be able to organize this year) and probably will not happen. We need an MC ( based on feedback from a community survey done last year) to highlight scarecrows and increase bids. Looked into the UC Design Department to see if they could be involved to help create and donate a scarecrow and poster. Cara mentioned that sign up genius will help. Mary will send to Leslie info that we need. Mary is drafting email for teachers for scarecrows. Last year many people asked if they could donate by credit card. Cara is attempting to get a Venmo account for Birch Lane. 


7:35-7:40 VIII. Old Business

  • Movie Night—Needed to be cancelled 
  • Garden coordinator position—Stipend is about $4300 for school year. We will be posting Job Description soon.


7:40-7:43 IX. New Business

  • Crayola marker recycling program—Barbara Steel will start up a crayola bin and she can send it out to recycle ( in front office) 


7:43-7:55 X. Open forum

  • Mary A stated that she is part of the Native Parent Alliance and that they drafted a letter that was sent to all principals and teachers. In it they described how November is Native American Heritage Month. Instead of Columbus Day there is a Native American Heritage Day. The letter mentions how mission study is difficult for families of Native Americans. The group has been working with Kate Snow who is the district Climate Specialist. There is a Multicultural Resource Page.
  • Amy G is school UNICEF school coordinator and now has a team of 7 parents helping her. Every child will receive a box but it is not mandatory.
  • Jess Gosney questioned why Picture Book day is not happening but wondering if we can help support it in future years to keep it going? Mr. Knight stated that it is a huge job and that the librarian wanted to stop at 10 years. If a person wanted to step forward and take it over, they can discuss with Ms. Sundstrom. Theresa Steele also agreed that it would be nice to keep it going. They will discuss together. 


7:55-8:00 XI. Announcements

  • Wednesday, Oct. 2        PTA Meeting, 7-8 PM
  • Friday, October 4          DSF Back-to-School Shindig—give to Davis Schools
  • Friday, October 11        PTA Family Movie Night (RESCHEDULED, TBD)
  • Friday, October 11        Banking starts** Weekly every Friday
  • Monday, Oct. 14           Deadline to order Epic Eagle Fun Run t-shirts
  • Wednesday, Oct. 16      Davis Parent University, Brunelle Hall, 7-9 PM 
  • Tuesday, Oct. 22   Fundraising dinner at Dos Coyotes (5-9 PM, dine-in only)
  • Wednesday, Oct. 23      PTA Scarecrow Breakfast
  • Saturday, Nov. 2   Epic Eagle Fun Run
  • Wednesday, Nov. 13   Family Yoga Night


8:00 XII. Adjournment

  • Theresa Costa motioned to adjurn, Laura Bennett seconded. Meeting adjurned.